Les partenaires de l'équipe de France Olympique à Pescara

Discours de la cérémonie d'ouverture (anglais)

Discours du Vice Président du CIO, M. Igaya Chiharu

Distinguished authorities,
Dear friends,

It is my honor and pleasure to represent the International Olympic Committee at the 2009 World Games.
It has taken a lot of work by a lot of people to get us to this moment, but tonight, Kaohsiung is ready — ready to deliver top sports and high spirits.
I know the athletes are ready as well. I wish them the best of luck, and I congratulate the Kaohsiung Organizing Committee for a job well done.
The World Games are one of the premier events on the international sport calendar. They play a vital role in sustaining and spreading sports values.
Tonight, athletes from a record 105 teams are gathered in that splendid port city for 10 days of world-class competition.
The organizers in Kaohsiung have done a magnificent job of meeting the needs of the athletes while remaining true to the spirit of The World Games by making the most of existing venues.
No event of this magnitude could be successful without the help of many volunteers. I express my gratitude as well to the nearly 5,000 volunteers in Kaohsiung.
And to the athletes, I send best wishes from the entire Olympic Family. The World Games exist for you. They offer a grand global stage to showcase your abilities and celebrate your spirit.
Remember that you are all role models. Stay true to your ideals. Compete fairly. Do not seek destructive shortcuts from doping. Do not let rivalries on the field interfere with friendships off it. Have fun.
If you do all that, you can show the entire world that our shared values and our common humanity are very powerful.
I wish you and everyone at the 2009 World Games all the best.

Discours du président de l'IWGA (International World Games Association), M. Ron Froehlich

Welcome to the 8th World Games 2009 here in Kaohsiung. It is my pleasure to welcome the President of the Republic of China Mr. Ying-Jeou Ma and all our honored guests.
We welcome our athletes, coaches, administrators and our international
federations, our supporters and visitors and thank you for helping us to make the 8th edition of The world Games exciting and highly competitive. I also thank the International Olympic Committee for having Mr. Chick Igaya Vice President of the IOC representing President Rogge and the Olympic Movement.
To all our International Olympic Committee members and those National
Olympic Committees who continue to support these sports and athletes,
we are indeed grateful. I want to pay special tribute to the IOC member of Chinese Taipei Mr. C.K. Wu who is your representative and had the task of being a member of the IWGA/KOC Coordination Committee reporting directly to President Rogge. We thank the Chinese Taipei National Olympic Committee President Thomas Tsai and his staff.
We thank the Taipei government and the Kaohsiung City who through many of their departments have supported this event. I am sure with all their efforts for the next 10 days we will witness first class competitions. My compliments to the Taipei government and the Kaohsiung City for the environmental considerations and the best example is this new stadium, which is completely ECO friendly.
I do want to thank the media and sponsors and to all our volunteers we could never have delivered this event without your help.
We have with us this evening one of Chinese Taipei's most recognized and beloved athlete and role model for all athletes Mrs. Chi Chen. All the athletes will once again have the opportunity to learn of each others' cultures, build bridges and make friends.
To our athletes, there will be winners and losers; however to have the
opportunity to compete in this multi-sport event makes everyone a winner. I wish all of you the best of luck.
I have the honor of inviting Mr. Ying-Jeou Ma, President of the Republic of China to proclaim open the 8th World Games.

Discours du maire de Kaohsiung Mme Chu Chen

President Ma, President Ron Froehlich of IWGA, IOC Vice President Chiharu Igaya, President Marcus Stephen, athletes and friends from around the world, and friends in front of your TV, it is with great pleasure that I extend a very sincere welcome to you, on behalf of the 1.5 million citizens of Kaohsiung.
I would like to thank IWGA for giving us the privilege and opportunity to host the World Games. May the world now begin to experience, how Taiwan cherishes every chance to produce the best, to embrace the world, and to demonstrate our confidence and robust capacity to shoulder international commitments.
Over 5,000 athletes and coaches from 105 countries have come for the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung. We may have different cultures and languages, but all share the same spirit of the World Games: peace, friendship, and collaboration. We all firmly believe that in the international community, everyone must work together and no country should ever be neglected. It was through a cycle of cooperation that we have been able to overcome challenge after challenge, to make the world a better place.
Taiwan, Formosa, is a beautiful country fighting in difficulties. And Kaohsiung, is a friendly city, where we all have worked hand in hand to create peace and glory.
Once again, I extend to all of you – friends from 105 countries, a jubilant welcome.

Thank you.

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